i only lasted 6 months on this…

it’s okay i’ll update this a few times a month haha

Summer started and it’s been going great especially today :)


AHH, well anyways May highlights

made dance team again.. that’s about it HAHA not really anything special.
I spent the last 3 days with brianna and on friday i went to citywalk with her, joan, emily & i and we walked around and ate at bucca/caught up :)

I’ll try starting again!

May 19th, 2012

Walked to in n out with Brianna because we were starving and just chilled the whole day. At night I went to a kb with Noelle and her cousin milan & niko and it was really fun! It was full of seniors though but it was fun because I knew most of them I guess & yeah. I made new friends! :)

April 24 - 25, 2012 

Typical school day and I was so nervous for the clinic and yeah, learned part of erica’s pom and half of celina’s dance and it’s so challenging but i’m going to push myself this entire week! Clinic goes until thursday and try outs are on friday and i’m so nervousbdiuajskdnla;. but anyways… after the first day of clinic was over i rushed over to my house with tayla and jo and we got ready for the banquet like 30 minutes after i got home. 

The whole banquet was bittersweet. This year was seriously the best year for the whole dance team. I’m thankful for the opportunity that I was given to dance with these amazing people. I love this team so much, and I’m pretty sure this is going to be my favorite year of being on dance team even when I’m a senior. I’ve only been on the team for a year but I’m glad I chose to join because I’ve had a greeeat experience. Being the best JV team, and having all of us win national championships was such a natural high and just had many good vibes. It’s really depressing to say that this year is over. Personally I’ve learned so much from all my team mates and they really are my second family. I LOVE THEM TO DEATH. I’m going to miss all our jokes and our craziness. Even though I had days where I didn’t want to practice, I would always be excited to see them. This team has had a lot of “blood, sweat and tears” but it was definitely worth it. We worked so hard and it paid off. Half of us are gonna be split up next year and it makes me so sad :”’(. I’m really going to miss the seniors too :(. Especially since the whole dance program is pretty much changing drastically next year and we heard super shocking news… it will never be the same. I LOVE 2011-2012 DANCE TEAM SO MUCH. 

April 25, 2012

Boring school dance and I woke up super super super sore but after school it was day 2 of the clinic and we finished both dances! 

April 19, 2012

IT KEEPS GETTING HOTTER AND HOTTER EACH DAY AHH. Anyways typical day at school, then we took pictures at the park across the street and yeah :’) I didn’t take a solo shot because my profesh pics always end up disgusting so i’m not risking to waste my money again this year. Nothing special during schoool 

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April 16- 18, 2012

First day back from break was a drag and i hated going to school, especially waking up super early for 0 period… Next few days we’ve been practicing for try outs next week and I’ve been working my butt off to improve even more on my flexibility and technique. Just gotta be POSITIVE! Woop, nothing really specially this whole week, i’ve worked out at least every other day but I keep ruining it by eating out which is terrible -_- Whatever, it’s okay hahaha..

April 15, 2012

Woke up from a dream wishing it was a reality… but obviously wasn’t -__-. Kind of a bad day because I thought of that one person who ruined everything for me and made me sad for the longest time but whatever. I can’t dwell on the past anymore. Watched my favee the weeknd on coachella online. OH, and bon iver, and florence the machine haha. Practically stayed at home all dayy.

April 13-14, 2012

Friday (13th) Emily came over and we practiced technique and we worked out like crazy and did this weird cardio thing but it got us sweating so i guess it was worth it LOL. Finally caught up with my best friend and it felt good! We had this random craving for kogi so she stayed till like 11 and we went to go get it and the cuuuuutest guy was there but he had a ridiculously deep voice hahaha but still cute. Saturday (14th) Didn’t really do anything special from what i remember…hahaha. Just looked at some stuff that pretty much made me have a bad night

April 12, 2012

Gilda came over to sleepover and had the bestesttestestestst time LOL. I love hanging out with her. We’re staying up supa late and blablabla. “If we aint busy, then we aint fuckin busy” HAHA and tryna function. Went to jamba juice, ate dinner and yadayadayada. Overall fun night still to continue WOOP 

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April 9-11, 2012 

Went to VEGAS! Stayed at the Palazzo in this fancy ass room which was amazing :’) I went with my mom, dad, and my cousin for two nights. Ate at a fancy restaurant at the canal shops at the venetian… but i ordered something from antipasti thinking it was pasta but it really meant appetizer and it ended up tasting like crap LOL but whatever… waste of $11 -___-. Went to serendipity 3 to try the frozen hot chocolate and it is AMAZZINGGGG. Went to the chanel store and my mom bought me earrings :’) Overall such a fun trip, I love my family!